Supermarket worker explains why online replacement items sometimes go so wrong


Anyone who has ever ended up with a bizarre replacement item in their online shopping will know full well the frustration of not getting what you ordered.

Although a lime in place of a lemon every now and then is no big deal, many shoppers from a range of supermarkets have previously found themselves with a completely unrelated item.

Now a supermarket worker from the US claims to have shed some light on why some people may end up with ingredients bearing no immediate relation to the products they were switched for.

The employee, who claims to work at Aldi in the US, has shared a photo to Reddit, appearing to reveal what goes on at their end once a person’s item is out of stock.

The photo shows a phone screen displaying an online shopping app, where one customer has ordered two refreshing bottles of Nature’s Nectar Watermelon Lemonade.

As this particular product was out of stock, the app suggests the employee instead give the customer a can of Simply Nature Organic Lentil Soup.

Seems like some strange swaps must slip through when they’re sorting out order.

Taking to Reddit, the unnamed worker – who goes by the username u/taylortherod – wrote: “Yes lentil soup is totally a valid replacement for lemonade.”

With a similar dryness, a fellow Reddit user declared the two very different products were indeed “interchangeable”.

It’s clear such odd swaps have long caused plenty of frustration and confusion among online shoppers on this side of the pond.

As previously reported by The Mirror, one London-based woman was left baffled after ordering a baking tray from Tesco, only to receive a bag of squishy marshmallows.

Another Tesco shopper claimed they ordered a red pepper, only to be presented with a packet of red hair dye.

As Aldi US is a different entity to the chain in the UK, the Aldi team in the UK were unable to give a comment at this time. The UK version of Aldi also doesn’t deliver groceries online.

The Mirror has contacted Aldi US for comment.