Mum warned she’s ‘too relaxed’ after letting four-year-old swim in pool on his own


When it comes to parenting, many mums and dads have their own way of doing things and as long as their child is safe, fed and loved that’s all that really matters.

But as we all know, many people have their own opinions on how certain things should be done and what is and isn’t ‘acceptable’ when looking after kids.

One mum recently took to Mumsnet to share a situation she and her four-year-old son were recently in on holiday and ask if they thought she was being unreasonable.

The unnamed parent explained that she had allowed her four-year-old son to swim alone in the pool with armbands on, as she was sat “at the side on a sun lounger.”

She then asked fellow parents if she had been “too relaxed” in doing this as she’d noticed other parents getting in the pool with their little ones.

Her post read: “Am I being unreasonable to leave four-year-old alone in pool?

“Just curious because I noticed all the other parents getting in or following their 4/5/6-year-olds around. Maybe I’m being too relaxed.”

The response to the mum was mixed, with many parents saying that she should be in the pool with him, pointing out that accidents can happen at any age.

One wrote: “Young children can drown in a couple of inches of water very rapidly, let alone an actual pool.”

Someone else warned: “Absolutely don’t. I was in a pool where a small child of 3/4 slipped out of her armbands and almost drowned while her parents sat next to the pool chatting and not paying attention.

“My husband grabbed her and put her on the side. If we hadn’t been nearby she’d have been dead.”

Meanwhile, a different user shared: “I once had to jump in a pool to drag a young girl out because her parents were too busy sunbathing to notice she was in trouble. Get in the pool.”

Other parents suggested still being relaxed, but being closer, just in case.

One mum said: “When I was on holiday I’d sit on the side with my legs dangling in the water watching. But constantly watching.”